This note is being sent to the 24,885 Members of the NHL Fans’ Association.

As you can see, we are only 115 Members shy of the coveted 25,000 mark. We should surpass this milestone on or before Monday. Please keep passing the word to your friends and colleagues (

We would like to thank everyone who recently made financial contributions to the NHLFA. We also appreciate your messages of encouragement. Your support is keeping fuel in the NHLFA tank. The complete list of contributors can be seen at

We have been very busy conducting media interviews over the past three weeks. At least 10 radio hits and three national spots have aired since the CBC National News included NHLFA Member questions last week. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and participated in the live audience. Unfortunately, we did not really learn anything new from Bettman and Goodenow, other than this is shaping up to be a long, drawn-out battle. The NHLFA is working on ways to encourage the NHLPA and NHL to get back to the bargaining table and resolve their differences in short order. Stay tuned…

CTV National News in Canada is seeking some “answers” from our Members. If you are a Canadian resident and would like the opportunity to answer the following question on television, please visit and complete the form before Sunday, October 3 at 12 midnight (EST).

The question is…

“What are you doing to cope without NHL hockey, to pass the time you would be spending watching games, or to get your hockey fix?”

We extend an apology to our U.S. Members (who comprise 50% of Membership), who have not been able to contribute to our recent media requests. We want to be responsive to the media and have little control over their demographic requirements. Thanks for your understanding.