12/13/12 NHL fans are tired of not being heard – By Lynn Hoppes, ESPN.com
12/13/12 Poll Results from American and Canadian Hockey Fans
08/17/12 Hockey Fans Call for a Reasonable Solution
06/13/12 NHL Fans’ Association Announces Sponsorship Extension with Marketwire
10/06/11 Fans more wary of fighting, but still crave carnage – Allan Maki, Beverley Smith and James Christie, Globe and Mail
10/04/09 Fans Determine Priorities for 2009-10 Season
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10/16/07 Hockey Fans Deep-Six European Expansion but Like Games Played in Great Outdoors
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11/02/06 NHL may alter schedule format – David Pollak, San Jose Mercury News
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10/14/05 Blog: Poll positions – They like the changes – Eric Duhatschek, Globe and Mail Update
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10/13/05 News Release – Hockey Fans Cheer Hockey’s Return
09/23/05 Is ‘My NHL’ your NHL? – Dan Barnes, Edmonton Journal
08/20/05 NHL Begins extended courting period with old fans – National Post (San Jose Mercury News)
08/18/05 NHL teams woo fans with different plans – David Pollak, Mercury News
08/04/05 News Release – NHL Fans’ Association Secures New Corporate Sponsor and Reaches Out to Players
07/14/05 Nervous NHL seeking more ‘intimate’ product – Paul Hunter, Toronto Star
07/03/05 Perhaps lowering prices is the ticket – Michael Arace, The Columbus Dispatch
04/21/05 Owners pull the plug on replacements – Scott Burnside, Special to ESPN.com
03/03/05 R factor almost in play – Wayne Scanlan, The Ottawa Citizen
02/15/05 Letter from NHL to NHLPA
02/15/05 Letter from NHLFA to NHLPA
02/15/05 Counter Proposal from NHLPA to NHL
02/15/05 Response from the NHL to NHLPA Counter Proposal
02/15/05 NHLPA Letter #2 to NHL
01/26/05 Situation ‘screams’ for mediation – Scott Burnside, Special to ESPN.com
12/16/04 What’s a guy to do on a hockeyless Saturday night? – Paul Brent, National Post
12/16/04 NHL Fans the innocent victims of lockout insanity – Wayne Scanlan, The Ottawa Citizen
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12/07/04 NHL Fans’ Association Announces Two Sponsors
12/02/04 Bad news for NHL and players – Ken Warren, The Ottawa Citizen
10/27/04 Canada’s love for NHL is on ice – Doug Struck, Washington Post
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09/16/04 Salary-Cap Views Prompted Impasse – David Pollak, San Jose Mercury News
09/15/04 Greed, spoilage sum up labor dilemma – Stan Fischler, FOX Sports Net
09/12/04 NHL season headed for deep freeze – Brian Murphy, St. Paul Pioneer Press
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08/26/04 No break in NHL impasse after Day 1 – Ken Warren, The Ottawa Citizen
08/23/04 Open letter to Gary Bettman and Robert Goodenow
08/18/04 Prince of Pucks: Fans not important in CBA talks – Spector, Special to FOXSports.com
08/15/04 NHL, union have war chests to fall back on – Katie Fairbank, The Dallas Morning News
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10/27/03 Game Over? Without help from the players, Canada’s NHL teams can’t compete – Charlie Gillis, MacLean’s Magazine
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06/01/03 It’s time for a revolution of fed up hockey fans – Dan Barnes, The Edmonton Journa
10/31/02 “Too many games?” – Ken Warren, The Ottawa Citizen
09/04/02 Black netting to protect fans from puck at Sharks’ games – by David Pollak, Mercury News
08/15/02 NHL adamant that interference will not be taken lightly once season begins – by IAIN MACINTYRE, Vancouver Sun
05/23/02 Montreal Canadiens Take Two of Three NHLFA Awards
04/18/02 NHL Fans’ Association names Liam Maguire Spokesperson
11/09/01 Work stoppage? – The Hockey News
10/22/01 NHLFA Posts Fourth Annual Fan Report Poll;
Signs Agreement with NHL
06/16/01 NHLFA strikes deal with “The Hockey News”
04/06/01 The Hockey News – The NHL Fans’ Association has voted San Jose goalie…
03/21/01 San Jose Goaltender Takes NHLFA Award
12/01/00 Fan Report
11/16/00 Members Have Their Say in 3rd Annual “NHLFA Fan Report” Poll
10/19/00 Letter to NHL Players
09/23/00 Fans’ views no concern to Gandler, Yashin – Allen Panzeri, The Ottawa Citizen
09/19/00 Jury out on whether he’ll be forgiven – Wayne Kondro, The Ottawa Citizen
06/29/00 Fans cheer win over superstar – Andrea Lanthier and Andrew Seymour, The Ottawa Sun
05/17/00 Litigation allowed fans to take role in holdout: professor – Ken Warren, The Ottawa Citizen
03/14/00 NHLFA Supports Senators in Refusal to Trade Yashin
02/04/00 NHLFA Announces First Annual Player Awards
01/18/00 NHLFA Says Players Should Be Part of “Shared Solution”
10/19/99 Bryden eases fans’ anxiety – Rick Mayoh, The Ottawa Citizen
09/24/99 Fans’ group asks Yashin to return – Ken Warren, The Ottawa Citizen
08/28/99 Yashin backlash picks up steam – Joanne Laucius, The Ottawa Citizen
06/29/99 Hockey fans speak, but will the NHL listen? – Garth Woolsey, The Toronto Star
06/28/99 NHLFA members seek open season on wandering goalies
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04/26/99 NHLFA celebrates first anniversary by meeting with NHL Commissioner
04/15/99 Fans’ association to meet NHL Commissioner in Big Apple
04/10/99 Tie on ties – THN staff, The Hockey News
02/01/99 Fan advocates get a meeting with Bettman – David Pollak, San Jose Mercury News
01/24/99 Bruce Dowbiggin at the All-Star Game – Bruce Dowbiggin, The Calgary Herald
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01/13/99 Response from NHL
01/13/99 Letter to Gary Bettman
11/28/98 Fans speak – but will NHL listen? – Jason Paul, The Hockey News
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11/27/98 Fan association gets fans opinions on NHL – Gregg Drinnan, Saskatchewan Leader Post
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05/21/98 NHL fans group aiming to have impact on game – Tony Maraschiello, Toronto Sun
05/13/98 New group strictly for NHL fans – David Naylor, Special to The Globe and Mail
05/12/98 Letter to Gary Bettman
04/28/98 Ottawa men give NHL fans link to owners, players – Michael Ulmer
04/22/98 Web site a voice for NHL opinions – Mike Gibb, Ottawa Sun
04/20/98 NHLFA.com aims to give fans a voice